Jazzuelle “Circles” album review

There is a steady influx of South African electronic music of late, and the results are exciting. Cape Town born Jazzuelle releases his debut LP with a warm welcome. With releases on Foliage Records, Atjazz recordings and Get physical to name a few, Jazzuelle is a familiar name in the underground scene.


A musical journey is the first description that comes to thought, but on the second listen it is a little more than that. With collaborations with Matthias Vogt, Charles Webster, Fred Everything, Lars Behrenroth, Jinadu and Bruce Loko, things are guaranteed to get interesting.


Nostalgic ambient atmospheres introduces us to Jazzuelle’s escape, swiftly introducing us to the first collaboration with Lars Behrenroth. Ambience carries to be the theme with sweet vocals from Tamara Dey, groovy hat work sets up for tasty melodies and baseline rhythms.


Staying true to his name, hints of Jazz are prominent and African rhythms are an influence throughout. Sounds we have come accustomed to with one of South Africa’s rare gems. It truly becomes evident that this is not just a selection of proposed club hits, but rather a mature musical journey where we find break beat, melodic anthems found in “Relativity” featuring Jinadu.


As expected the combination with super stars such as Charles Webster, Matthias Vogt and Fred Everything are beautifully crafted works of art, but the real attention goes to the title track “Circles”. It is a wonderful thing to watch and experience the growth of an artist and it must be said that Jazzuelle’s debut LP has him firmly with the top “circles” of his genre.


Best tracks: Circles, Fall into you, Relativity, Adaptions, Towers


Rating: A hearty 8/10