The curious case of Just Mo, from humble beginnings as a DJ to a radio personality and current label owner.

Johannesburg based Just Mo had an early love for music realised at 7 years old. It was quickly realised that he had to give his contribution to music somehow. Fast forward to 2004 and that exact feeling started growing into fruition. With normal day responsibilities, any extra time he had was spent teaching himself the art of DJing taking the purist route, on turntables. A mere 2 years later he debut’d at Natural Groove, Randburg, and the rest is history. There are very few venue’s and festivals Just Mo hasn’t featured, and his name quickly became a household name. With his unique style ranging from deep house to afro, his often vocal driven arrangements gets the masses tuning in.


Enter the movement Antiquated Souls. At a time when deep house was on a decline in Johannesburg, a movement was brewing with Just Mo at the helm. His residency amongst others was pivotal to the popularity of this deep house brand, which influenced many at the time. His career was on a constant rise, rubbing shoulders with the best in business locally and internationally, but it still wasn’t enough. His day job, working at a bank as database administrator was indeed was holding him back, becoming more and more difficult to be the true artist he is.


Just Mo DJ


Just Mo “it was very difficult balancing the two especially when I loved music more than I.T. ”

His passion surely got the better of him, and decided to apply to the Yfm academy. Although his first application was not successful he never gave up and was accepted a year later. The training was a gruelling 6 months without pay, the amount of pressure proving yourself daily was real. Just Mo’s determination proved fruitful and got offered a junior music co-ordinator and a weekend show alongside the legendary Oskido at the iconic radio station. With competition rife amongst a sea of big ego’s, Just Mo continued to rise contributing bountiful amounts to the music and radio industry, including releases, and compilations with Soul Candi.

The ambition never dies, as we have learned, and the desire to push his career came soon knocking. With 8 years behind him on Yfm with a total of 3 shows, the time had come to move on. With his record label established in 2012 “Just Mo Records & Productions” it was time to move his energy to his label and himself as an artist. With his track record we have no doubt it will be a success.


Just Mo: “I want my label to be one of the biggest Dance music labels in Africa focusing on mainly releasing undiscovered local talent be it producers, Djs or vocalists. I want J.M.R to a respectable name in the music industry.”

A true story of ambition, courage and hard work, is a story we like to promote at the hk podcast. A humble guy with achieved goals and dreams through raw determination, putting him the same company as the greats. Just Mo has spread his talents in his native country South Africa and abroad in Botswana, Namibia and Amsterdam.


You can check Just Mo out at the following links.