Alex Sims contributes to the appreciation series with an arrangement from Mano Le Tough.

Irishman Niall Mannion aka Mano Le Tough, one of three head honchos and close mates at Maeve Records introduction to the industry was a breath of fresh air having had extremely successful EP’s on Buzzing’ Fly, Pampa and Internasjonal amongst others.
Besides releasing solo albums on Permanent Vacation, his DJ sets really stand out from being versatile, eclectic to down right banging which has earned him regular slots at renowned clubs worldwide.

An artist that has contributed heaps to the industry and an inspiration us and many.
Join us as we appreciate Mano Le Tough!

Full Tracklisting:

1. Mano Le Tough / Full on Spring / Permanent Vacation
2. Mano Le Tough / Your Heavy Head / Pampa Records
3. Batongo / Aguirre / Mano Le Tough Remix / Degustibus Music
4. Mano Le Tough / Arganol / Maeve
5. Mano Le Tough / Moments of Truth / Permanent Vacation
6. Kasper Bjørke / Symptoms / Mano Le Tough Remix / hfn Music
7. Mano Le Tough / I See Myself in You / Permanent Vacation
8. Mano Le Tough / Take it Back / Buzzin’ Fly
9. Mano Le Tough / Mountains / Permanent Vacation
10. Hundreds / Un-Unify / Mano Le Tough Remix / Embassy of Music
11. Tyson / Mr. Rain / Mano Le Tough Remix / Back Yard


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