If you mention one hour sets in Europe it’s practically unheard of, but in South Africa it’s the norm.


5 reasons why a 1 hour set is shit!

1. Progression

On average you can fit about 12 tracks into an hour set, depending on your music style.

Progression is possible, but tough to tell a story.

2. I just started!

As you start getting into your set, build up the floor and start enjoying yourself, it’s that dreaded time to eject your USB’s and let the next act take over.

3. Time to shine

A major problem with one hour sets is most DJ’s “want to shine”.

Which causes the line up to play their hits one after the other, not giving the floor a pause for thought. Which in turn results in repeats through out the night and as funny as it may sound, people get tired of banger after banger.

4. Spotlight

If a DJ is truly booked for his art, should he/she not be given longer than 60 minutes to stretch his/her muscles?

5. Reading the room

If you’re not a regular at a certain event you have very little time to read the room. A 1 hour period leaves very little time to decipher what works and what doesn’t.

In closing lineups with 15 DJ’s, one floor, one evening is cringeworthy to say the least. In a one hour time slot DJ’s are pressured to play their hits one after another to get a reaction.

Let’s put the spotlight back on the DJ, give them time to tell a story, show their personality and show what they are really made of.